Our Goal

Our goal is to understand, design, and make possible user and consumer experiences that go beyond people’s expectations by means of the newest technology.

We started out from an idea in 2009 and we’ve been offering our user experience design services and strategic consultancy all over the world ever since, working for the most important digital brands.

We believe in creativity

Our staff is made up of award-winning creatives, technologists, designers, strategists and product developers. We champion a highly collaborative process with our clients and partners, which has resulted in work for virtually every medium. Although we are digitally minded, we’ve created and produced integrated digital web experiences, online shops, mobile experiences and interactive experiences.

Our in-house technical and design team can take your project and push your company’s creative boundaries. With a strong creative and technical team, We are adaptable, original and innovative, very close-knit community that facilitates creative problem solving and leads to a very-high standard of final delivery. By developing a close working relationships with Wangzhan, our customers can remain fully involved throughout development and during the implementation phase.

Our services are listed as follow:

  • Business intelligence solution
  • Enterprise website design and development
  • Business website optimization
  • Database design and maintenance
  • Website hosting and support
  • Website administration and maintenance